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New Album Out Now!

sito_0017_Livello 17

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For those who support the Experiment Campaign the album is available right now! Just enter the Q Cronicles page clicking the button on the right and insert your user and password. Enjoy the New album!

The 5th december has been released the video “Welcome to the Garden” taken from the new album “Right After the Experiment no.Q”!


“Right after The Experiment no.Q!”
The second episode of the Steampunk Prog Opera!

Monday 8th june the recording session for the new Experiment no.Q Album ended. During last two weeks in the Aenimarecording studio, in Cavagnolo (Torino, Italy) around 15 artists crossed their steps to create such a great atmosphere! The Experiment no.Q is an alchemy, a great and incredible chemistry where musicians breathe the time spent together, not only in studio but in the wonderfully context of the hills, an atmosphere full of inspiration. Without this nothing can happens. A big great thanks to all the musicians who spent the time to make real the second episode of this Steampunk Rock Saga!

Vocals: Oxy Hart (France); Fabio Privitera (Italy); Kevin Zwierzchaczewski (Australia); Nalle Påhlsson (Sweden); David Sugerman (USA); Thomas Vikström (Sweden).Guitars: Andrea Palazzo (Italia), Jacopo Garimanno (Italia); Bass: Nalle Påhlsson (Sweden) and Massimo Bozza (Italy); Keyboards: Marco Signore (Italia) and Paolo Gambino (Italia); Drums: Mattia Garimanno (Italy) and Andrea Falaschi (Italy); Traverse Flute and Kalimba: Dino Eldrisio Pelissero; Violin: Andrea Bertino. Word, Music and wandering spirit among all musical instruments: Paolo Vallerga (No.Q).  Photographer (and added member of the Experiment Family): Andrea Pensalfine.
Sound Engineer: Mattia Garimanno. Sound assistant for guitars of Andrea: Salvatore Petrone. Voice’s engineer for David’s records: Kevin Brown.

The Experiment No.Q is a music project written and directed by Paolo Vallerga (No.Q). An Experiment with different professional musicians from all parts of the world, with different styles, different music background and personality. The Experiment No.Q is a complicate attempt to mix different creative worlds; an alchemical experiment with musicians who share experience and emotions, working together. Without this the songs would have been “without soul”… and nothing could happens!