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We want to thanks all the Q-nauts supporting our musicraiser campaign! From the deep of the No-Q heart (completely made of gears) we than you! See you in Salamanca next 13th may for a great steampunk metal show! And talking about steampunk… We’re on Steampunkrecords.com! Don’t miss the occasion to join us in the biggest steampunk music community! http://www.steampunkrecords.com/The_Experiment_NoQ/cat942397_3702938.aspx

The Experiment No.Q is a steampunk industrial music project written and directed by Paolo Vallerga (No.Q). An Experiment with different professional musicians from all parts of the world, with different styles, different music background and personality: A complicate attempt to mix different creative worlds.

Is an Industrial Opera (with some progressive elements) settled in the Steampunk world and told in different albums. The Experiment no.Q, the first one (Aenimarecordings – 2014) and Right After The Experiment no.Q (Aenimarecordings – 2016) are the first two chapters. Third album is work in progress.

There is no a classic “Line-up” because the Experiment no.Q is an alchemical journey with a lot of professional musicians involved. All musicians are special persons and special guests and become part of a big family! The story had some characters but who acting this character is not every time the same artist. Is a story told song by song, a metal industrial and steampunk tale with dark and poetic elements.


Next Gig: Spain @ Bunker Metal Fest

Happy to announce we will perform in  Salamanca (Spain) next 13th may @ Bunker Metal Fest (Part II)! Dear Q-nauts, Steampunk, Industrial and Metal fans… see you soon!

Contacts, infos and booking:

sito_0017_Livello 17


Il comandante

A poetic song taken from the first album.