09 – The Testament of Cremer

Lead – Red stone – Iron – Quick-lime – Sulfur

Creator of the red light
Who dividest the times by certain seasons,
When the sun vanishes,
Fearful chaos comes again.
Restore the light to thy faithful people!
Though thou hast studded
Heaven’s floor with stars,
And inlaid it
With the bright lamp of the moon,
Yet thou dost teach us
Also to strike light out of flints,
And to fan it into life
Out of the stone-born spark.
Thou art the true light of the eyes,
And the light of the senses!

When the blood will write the song
With words and runes
You will die! Or you will be born.

It’s the king of the endless space,
Who dresses his folk with golden drapes
Fool and wise who fought against,
And your sadness makes them younger again.
I’m the light of alchemy
I’m the brightness of the rhapsody
Good and evil were unborn
You will sing until the end of the world!
Brothers of this monastery
Once in every sixty years
In the name of trinity
You must-not betray the secrets of stones!

This my invocation
Holy lord
The iron of perfection

When the black raven turns to white
It is called “virgin’s milk”
But the number of such names
Is much larger than the stars of the night.
In the sky the thunder came
All the melodies aflame
It’s the unction from the maid
Through the ages to the fountain of light.

This my invocation
Holy lord
The iron of perfection

Die! Or you will be born.
Or you die! Or you’ll be born

Track no. 09

Lyrics by Paolo Vallerga
and Music by
Paolo Vallerga & Roberto Grassi

Kevin Zwierzchaczewski
Nalle Påhlsson

Lead & Rhythm guitar:
Andrea Palazzo – Emanuel Victor

8-string guitar: Jacopo Garimanno
Rhythm guitar: No. Q
Bass: Nalle Påhlsson
Drums: Johan Koleberg
Violin: Annette Bettin