07 – The Black Horizons of the Monodist

Noises, and dark rules,
my black horizons,
Scratching the wings
of an innocent order
My soul, black tears
on the face of the moon
Alone on the snow stairs
Between me and my doom.
The snowy crystals
become blades in the heavens
Terror and pain
for the monodist blood.
The falling drop
is a red broken mirror,
The music appears a
s a black ant’s invasion.

The journey to east
is just the beginning.
This is my dream,
my desperate darkness.
The blessed comforter
Will accept my confusion
As a dead-drunk believer
steals the minds of men.
The song of making
is revealed to mankind,
The harmonic shine
is a geometrical beauty.
Celestial movements
for jupiter’s swain.
The monodist sings
the secret way of the darkness.

Full of sacred knowledge
my great prophetess
Thy bosom is whiter
than purest snow.
Marvel of the world,
the phoenix rising,
Spirit and soul
she would have it concealed.
The wolf comes from the east,
And the dog from the west
They are full of rage
and one kills the other.
The blackness is called
“the head of the raven”.
The monodist knows
when the black smoke appears.

If all the mountains
were made of silver and gold
What would they profit
Those who live in fear of death?
Thence from the meanest
I’ll become the supreme
The lord of the forests
Without dissonant tunings.
The song of making
lays down harmonic leaps,
The sleeping father
will be awakened again
Thus i became the puppeteer of creation
Thus i became
the monodist of the cosmos.

Track no. 07

Lyrics by Paolo Vallerga
and Music by Paolo Vallerga, 
Stefano Arecco
& Alberto Giovannini Luca

Nalle Påhlsson – Linnéa Vikström
Lead & Rhythm guitar:
Andrea Palazzo – Emanuel Victor
Bass: Sabrina Rivagli
Keyboards: Marco Signore