The Experiment No.Q – Episode 1

In a hypertechnological nineteenth century, No.Q conducted an experiment melting music and alchemy. The result of the Experiment is a Book of Emblems composed by 10 song. But…

The Experiment No.Q is a music project written and directed by Paolo Vallerga (No.Q). An Experiment with different professional musicians from all parts of the world, with different styles, different music background and personality. The Experiment No.Q is a complicate attempt to mix different creative worlds; an alchemical experiment with musicians who have never played together, having just one point in common: No.Q. All the songs and lyrics, written by Paolo Vallerga (with the help in some parts of Roberto Grassi, Emanuel Victor and Stefano Arecco) was recorded at AenimaRecordings studio in Cavagnolo (Italy) in one week when musicians shared experience and emotions, working together. But without the chemistry between the quality of the musicians, the desire to enjoy, the time spent together drinking and eating, and know each other professionally, the songs would have been “without soul”… and nothing can happens!

The artwork for the album is exclusively made by the great artist Giacomo Rinaldi.


This is a Rock album with some metal peak and with a small rain of poetic atmosphere full of the energies of the musicians who plays in. Musicians are characters, music is a story, in a path to live in a metal dimension, with leather, poetry, sensuality and steampunk dust everywhere! This is not a project in which I asked to famous musicians to play in just to have big names in the lineup. All the musicians involved in the project are special friends of mine, fantastic guys, gorgeous musicians who are happy to play in my project and this you can feel in every note of each song. For this reason, to record the album, we wanted them in the same time, in the same place… We needed to share time together to feel music at better.”

“… this is an emotional experience and step by step, song by song we hope to surprise the fans. I’m a writer and some songs sink roots in my poetic side, some in my metal soul, some shuffles this elements obtaining… The experiment No.Q.

(Paolo Aka No.Q)